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The Watertown Public Schools have experienced an overwhelming response to Watertown High School’s (WHS) efforts to create a mascot for WHS. There is clearly a great deal of support for, and pride in, our schools. We have heard from alumni, current students, parents and other community members who have commented on all sides of this complex issue. We want a mascot behind which everyone can rally. That is the purpose of a mascot. Watertown has shown itself to be an extraordinary community in its willingness and ability to work together and support each other in some difficult situations. We want to take advantage of that strength, slow the process down a bit, and allow for more dialogue. Even when we disagree, we must come together to work out a solution. Sometimes the best solutions arise through respectful conversation, enriched by a diversity of thoughts and opinions. As a former student has written, “Though it may take more time, I think that it is more important to get this right in the long run rather than rush into something and still find that people are unhappy with the final decision.”

We are listening to the concerns of many community members. In the coming weeks, the School District will reach out to members of the community to create opportunities for their voices to be heard.

Jean M. Fitzgerald, Ed.D.
Watertown Public Schools

Shirley Lundberg
WHS Principal
Watertown Public Schools

Special Education Parent Survey

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School Calendar Update

Currently, we have had six snow days.

If no more make-up days are needed, the last day of school will be June 29th, 2015.

Measles: Make Sure Your Child Is Fully Immunized

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
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Building Resiliency in Children after the Boston Marathon Bombing and Watertown Manhunt: A Forum for Parents

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Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Congratulations to Our Winners!
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